About COW

COW stands for the Cult Of Wood. When creating COW furniture line, wherever it was possible to use wood, we did. This is wood on wood design, wood on wood creativity.

COW was born in cooperation with Finnish designer Jukka Haltunen’s design studio TenTwelve and French designer Emmanuel Meslet who is now back in France and working for Gautier.

COW furniture is a good example of contemporary, fresh Nordic design, combining modern minimalism with subtle hints of retro. It is minimalistic, yet soulful. Natural oak wood and clean white surfaces complement each other in simple yet eye-catching forms. Each and every item is like a sculpture in the room.

COW fits everywhere you do! COW’s timeless design and natural oak wood allow COW furniture to fit perfectly into any environment – HOME or WORK, MODERN or OLD & STATELY.

The core of COW furniture line is COW Box System. Developed with creative people in mind, COW Box System is one of a kind. Different frames and boxes provide endless possibilities for creating smart and functional shelving, display and storage systems for all your things at home and at work.

COW is all about wood and quality. A careful human touch is present in every COW product. Although most of the manufacturing process is automated, the final stage is completed to perfection by experienced carpenters and craftsmen. Besides routine quality inspections, COW furniture is test assembled at the factory. Only after we are convinced of the impeccable quality, we package our furniture for transportation.

COW is local. COW is natural. COW is sustainable. COW is recyclable. COW furniture is produced in EU, and using materials from Europe. Natural materials, sustainable approach and reducing waste are very important for us. COW products have been tested in certified laboratories, and are compliant with the requirements of the EU standard.

COW stands with its feet firmly on the ground. COW is here to stay. We are a reliable and long-term partner to our partners.

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