COW is all about quality and craftsmanship

A careful human touch is present in every COW product. A real person has felt a real responsibility to make your product as good as it possibly could be. Although most of the furniture manufacturing process is automated, the final stage is completed to perfection by experienced carpenters and craftsmen.

Attention to detail. Great care has been taken to ensure that every detail of every product is designed and crafted to perfection.

COW is all about quality, and quality we guarantee. Besides routine quality inspections, COW furniture is test assembled at the factory. Only after we are convinced of the impeccable quality, we package our furniture for transportation.

COW furniture is produced in EU, and using materials from Europe. COW products have been tested in certified laboratories, and are compliant with the requirements of the EU standard.

High craftsmanship, impeccable quality and deep respect for wood ensure that COW furniture is the partner that you can trust. COW stands firm and solid. Firmness and stability are the keywords here. COW is made to last, and last sustainably

  • Quality and craftsmanship

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