Unique Design

COW stands out

COW was born in cooperation with Finnish designer Jukka Haltunen’s design studio TenTwelve and French designer Emmanuel Meslet who is now working for Gautier.

COW furniture is a good example of contemporary, fresh Nordic design, combining modern minimalism with subtle hints of retro. It is minimalistic yet soulful. Natural oak wood and clean white surfaces complement each other in simple yet eye-catching forms and delicately balanced proportions.

COW is made to impress. Each and every item is like a sculpture in the room. Timeless design and natural oak wood allow COW furniture to fit perfectly into any environment –home or office, study or leisure room, by the wall or in the middle of the room. COW fits everywhere you do!

Attention to detail. COW furniture was designed for creative people. With such discerning customers in mind, meticulous care and attention has been given to the design and production of every detail of every COW product. Also in terms of clever practicality and smart features

COW received “HONOURABLE MENTION” recognition for the best design project at Design Award Bruno 2012

  • Nordic design

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