COW is smart

COW furniture is designed with clever practicality in mind.

COW Box System, the core of COW furniture line, is one of a kind. Different frames and boxes provide endless possibilities for creating smart and functional shelving, display and storage systems for all your things and data. Divide your boxes by projects or themes, keep them shelved or on desks, take them with you to meetings – the choices of use are limitless and flexible.

COW Frames are accessible from both sides and they are available also on wheels. They come with special features such as the smart aligning and locking solution – when pulling a box out, the sliding mechanism tilts it slightly to indicate that the box is nearly out of the frame.

The COW Desks are designed with clever practicality in mind. A shelf made of durable high-quality fabric is situated under the tabletop – the perfect place to hide all those tangled wires, adapters, HDDs, etc. This way you can keep the desk’s large working surface tidy, and free of hassle and clutter. The shelf is easily accessible by a sliding mechanism and you can move the sliding tabletop with things on it – just another example of the smart thinking that goes in every COW product.

COW Bookshelves and High Frames can also be used to divide bigger spaces into smaller areas. COW Bookshelf comes with a high-finish back wall that allows it to be used to separate one area from another in a bigger room.

Rounded corners of the furniture give it a softer look and add safety.

With all this clever practicality and smart design COW aims to nurture and foster creativity

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