Functionality in Style

COW storage units are designed to complement other COW products such as the COW Box System, COW Tables and COW Desks, or to be used on their own as smart additions to your home or work environment.

The COW Bookshelf comes with a high-finish back wall that allows it to be used to divide work stations or to create compartments inside a larger room.

The Cabinet for TV can hold up to a 46” flatscreen TV.

Attention to Details

Great care has been taken to ensure that every detail is designed and crafted to perfection.

Materials & Finish

The use of solid oak wood and a high-end finish ensures a lifetime of faithful service.

Natural oak wood

Doors of Cabinets covered with oak veneer and finished with oil

Legs of storage units made of solid oak, finished with oil


Made of MDF (Medium Density Fibre-board), coated with durable white satin-matte paint

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