Creative furniture COW – breathing creativity

Even inspiration needs a solid platform to soar. This is where COW comes in. All COW products are designed to let creativity come to the forefront, to organise life in a way that everything needed to come up with THE GREAT IDEA is always at hand.

Merging quality with functionality and sustainability is a very Nordic concept. COW furniture has added another layer to this mindset – it is geared towards the creative worker, making Box System, Desks, Tables and Storage units to complement and enhance the working environment of those whose main asset is their brain – the knowledge-workers. COW is perfect for the ones who work with ideas, develop new products and creations.

These days, working in the creative field is more and more about collaboration. Different projects, different teams, different ways of approaching your work. Small offices and creative hubs need furniture that is more adaptable, more customisable to different needs, yet at the same time stylish, solid and sustainable. All COW items are created to complement your work process in an intuitively functional way, with smart design and smart features. COW furniture helps you to be yourself – manage your things exactly the way you want to, organise your workspace for maximum creative performance. COW helps to release people’s creativity.

When we started developing COW furniture line, we agreed that any working space should be inspirational and social, harmonious and natural. We believe its role is to facilitate collaboration and concentration in order to contribute for efficiency. That is why we designed COW, a complete creative furniture series containing variety of Box System, Desks, Tables and Storage units as a new way of sharing, storing and working with data.

Innovative features and main advantages of creative furniture COW:

  • Working environment can be changed effortlessly according to the mode of working – whether collaborating and sharing information, or concentrating and generating or studying it on your own.
  • Clean and undisturbed desk environment with easily accessible hidden storage.
  • New ways of sharing, storing and working with data with one of a kind COW Box System.
  • Unique sliding system with smart box-locking.
  • Customize your working environment seamlessly with every new project and according to the type and amount of information related to it.

Last but not least: quality and craftsmanship

  • COW Box 2 with divider Creative

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