Cult Of Wood

COW = Cult Of Wood

COW stands for the Cult Of Wood. When creating COW furniture line, wherever it was possible to use wood, we did. Smart engineering and smart design allowed us to reduce the amount of non-wood materials to a bare minimum. COW furniture line is almost entirely made of wood.

This is wood on wood design, wood on wood creativity, honouring and utilising that most natural of materials – wood. With COW our aim was to create a line of furniture that does justice to the wonder of wood. Wood is an ancient tool for creativity. It springs from the ground like a miracle of nature, like a work of art in itself.

Wood is also a renewable, sustainable and recyclable resource. Natural materials, sustainable approach, quality and reducing waste are very important for us. No wonder then, that we are obsessed with wood.

But that obsession is nothing without an obsession for design and attention to detail

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